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Students Comments
  • Thomas Thomas
  • Hi,I am Thomas, I studied in mandarin morning last year. I learned a lot here. I felt Chinese people were not passionate when I was in my country, but now I have changed my idea .I think Chinese people are ver...
  • HeHua HeHua
  • My Chinese name is HeHua, HeHua means Lotus in Chinese. I am a student from US. I have studied in mandarin morning for 10months. The teachers in Mandarin Morning are very patient and friendly. So, if you want to...
  • Mary Mary
  • My name is Mary, I am French. I studied in mandarin morning around 3 month. I met a lot of good friends here, and I like my teachers very much. She taught me in a very effective way, so, right now, I can communi...
  • LiBai LiBai
  • I am a student from Europe, My Chinese name is LiBai. I am happy to study in Mandarin Morning for 1 year. I think it is a wonderful study experience, and there are many excellent teachers. I like mandarin mornin...
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Introduction Welcome to Shanghai Chinese Test Centre !

Shanghai Chinese test Centre is an established and well recognized Language Study Center located in the center of Shanghai. The company has been in full operation since 2005. From language exchange to specialized classes, the variety of services Shanghai Chinese test Centre offers is always growing. Our primary goal is to offer foreigners Chinese language training vital to their success in China. All kinds of people are encouraged to sign-up with us as we have many classes attuned to the individual. Today we teach more than 300 students from all over the world, excluding the alumni already using their Chinese!

Today we teach listening, reading and writing the Chinese language to more than 300 students from all over the worldand during the past six years, we have taught more than 8000 students and several companies. Even though they come from different backgrounds, they share the same interest in learning Chinese. Our unique way of teaching has helped them to learn Chinese in a way that is fun, effective and flexible.

Our teachers
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